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Gconnect listed with 4 stars by RIPE for IPv6-RIPEness

Gconnect have now moved to the 4 star category for IPv6 readiness as measured by RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens). This update puts Gconnect into the 16% of LIRs with the four star rating! RIPE measure each LIR (Local Internet Registry) by 4 separate metrics to asses their readiness to deploy IPv6 solutions. RIPE is the Regional Internet Registry for the European region, and Gconnect, as  an ISP based in the UK are long standing members. Our IPv6 programme is progressing down the line to its eventual destination of full ‘dual stacking’ and we are able to offer more and more services on the new and larger addressing scheme.

For more information on IPv6 RIPEness please see: