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Managed Services Update




We’re starting on our new marketing campaign this week and the subject matter is our 3 core managed service offerings:

Its all go with website updates, new printed literature and technical specs and PDF data sheets brought up to date. The products themselves are not something new for Gconnect but its nice to have it formalised. Our management services utilise our many years of industry experience, ITIL compliant support system, vendor accreditations and certified engineers to provide a reliable, polished experience. So if you need some help with managing those non-mainstream applications and operating systems, let us know!

Work Diary: Redhat and CentOS

This week we’re working on a project for a customer to replace their very old, very poorly Linux Redhat 4 server with a sparkling new server running the latest Redhat 6. During the transition the customer has a temporary cloud backup solution for protecting critical data as the tape drive has failed. We have built a new CentOS based storage appliance on the customer site to keep 7 days worth of full backups using rsync over SSH and will change the Cloud Backup solution over when the new server is commissioned. Another requirement is to provide an CIFS share for the windows network using Samba – this if for the MS Exchange server to write backup jobs to. Its an interesting project combining open source software, proprietary software and cloud technology, yet still keeping backup data where the customer can ‘see’ it.

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