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Managed Services Update




We’re starting on our new marketing campaign this week and the subject matter is our 3 core managed service offerings:

Its all go with website updates, new printed literature and technical specs and PDF data sheets brought up to date. The products themselves are not something new for Gconnect but its nice to have it formalised. Our management services utilise our many years of industry experience, ITIL compliant support system, vendor accreditations and certified engineers to provide a reliable, polished experience. So if you need some help with managing those non-mainstream applications and operating systems, let us know!

MySQL Replication with ZFS

After a meeting with a customer this week, we were posed with the question of how to backup ¬†a MySQL database, off site with the ability to recover records that have been deleted in error. To make the job more interesting, there are some ‘caveats’ which include, not buying Terrabytes of storage, not requiring enormous amounts of bandwidth and not using a massive overhead on te production server. Currently the end user is using a well know replication product which rhymes with ‘Trouble Bake’ but this is using 1GB of RAM on the 32Bit OS so is causing some issues. MySQL is running on Windows for that extra RAM overhead and can only have 4GB RAM (see 32Bit).

As fairly long time users of ZFS with FreeBSD, we are now testing a box which is replicating MySQL using the built in replication feature (in real time) and the snapshots the data every hour. Our Lab is using a ‘production database which is quite small and the data does not change much. The results are very good, so good in fact we are now using it to take backups of web servers in parallel to the normal backups. With great features like de-duplication, on the fly compression and quotas the ZFS system is really worth looking at. The new version of FreeBSD has the system installed out of the box as of course does Solaris and Linux even has a package called ZFS on Linux.

If you are motivated to have a look, here are some links:

FreeBSD Project
ZFS on Linux
Or if you would like some help from Gconnect click here

Work Diary: Making sense of NFSen

We recently took on new client who was hosting a SOAP server on the end of 2mbps leased line. The line was being completely flat-lined and the service was all but unavailable. Unfortunately, the networking hardware on site was pretty ‘basic’ so it was not possible to see what the issues were. The client had decided that as this service was mission critical they would move the 2 servers into the cloud, and then the extra bandwidth available would probably solve the issue. After the ¬†initial install and server setup, we were able to analyse the data going to and from the server using a Netflow collector. This analysis identified the issue and the customer was able resolve the issue by speaking to the owner of the offending server. By using proprietary Cisco networking equipment and firewalls we are able to export Netflow data to our collectors which run on FreeBSD and NFSen, giving customers access to a wealth of data to help keep their businesses running at their best.

The NFSen Project at Sourceforge
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