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Christmas Time, Mistletoe &…… Vodka?!?!?

In the spirit of having just heard the first Christmas song of the year…..

Christmas is fast approaching, work parties are planned and office decorations are (almost) ready to go up.  Office parties have a long standing reputation as the time to let go, let loose and get crazy….. but  what’s your take on it?  Is your ‘do a refined meal with wine and gentle conversation, or a vodka fuelled dance marathon into the wee hours?  Do you split off into groups and carry on the party in your own way, or is the evening a networking mission?  From booking tables at the mass hotel/banqueting hall parties to tables in a restaurant, what’s your ideal office Christmas party vibe?

We think we’ve managed to find the perfect balance this year, being a small (staff wise) company, we don’t have to book out a room and make a final decision on the theme of the party, instead we have mixed it up with meeting in a cocktail bar, onto a lovely meal, finishing by dancing the night away in a speakeasy bar! There’s enough variety to keep everyone entertained!!

Here’s to the office Christmas party season, whatever it may, be have fun!