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Gscanner Spam Scanning service update

We have now completed testing and implementation of the Spamhaus drop lists into the Gscanner service. The drop lists contain ip addresses and net blocks which are in use by hijackers using old redundant ip ranges to launch spam from. These net block are left over from when companies go out of business and stop using them, however the RIR (Regional Internet Registry) is not informed so the ranges are kind of available to the unscrupulous! Any emails originating from these listed net blocks are rejected, however we do allow the mail transaction to go far enough to make a note of who the email was for and who it was from. Customers will see these rejections as ‘SPAMHAUS DROP LIST’ in the status graphs.

We hope this will further enhance the effectiveness of the anti-spam scanning service, further improvements will also be posted here. Details of the Anti-Spam service can be found here: