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30:30 server with IPv6 – drinking our own champagne

Gconnect’s own website and blogs have moved to a 30:30 server running FreeBSD. We could have a used a dedicated server, or even used space on one of our community servers, but we chose to move to the new 30:30 server – why? Well, there’s nothing like ‘drinking your own champagne’ to really understand how it works, and:

  • IPv6 connectivity – Using the Security Upgrade 1 we have a full /64
  • Enhanced security – only www service visible to the outside world, fully PCI complaint.
  • Software Flexibility – we like to keep our software up to date, but that does not suit everybody
  • Quick and easy backups

Our WordPress blogs transferred into the FreeBSD 9.1 server running Apache22, PHP5.4 & MySQL5.5 without any issues and there is more than enough ‘juice’ to run the sites. Now with the server completely locked down and the websites isolated, we can manage the server operating system and the software ‘our way’.

For more details on how you can use IPv6 or 30:30 servers go to