Office Move? Never Again!

Gconnect are moving office over the coming week….nothing too ambitious, we’re taking over the next building! However, the process of moving office has brought to light just how much STUFF we have in Gconnect land… mainly random pieces of networking equipment appearing in every corner from the “Secret Room of Experiments”, otherwise known as The Lab.  It would seem over the years that our lovely Geeks have collected a vast array of equipment, tools, cables and everything you could ever need to build a Deathstar.

Outside of electrical clutter, the sheer scale of moving office has had every person here stating, at least once, “Never, EVER again!”  The office floor has become a sea of boxes, equipment and dismantled shelving as we strip down and rebuild our little kingdom a short walk away.  Why, you might ask, would we move so short a distance away? The simple answer is, much like testy toddlers, we don’t want to share and so are taking sole use of an entire office building, whilst managing to remain in the same location.  This will also enable us to extend The Lab, allowing us to better demonstrate for clients, have more “in house” equipment to experiment with, and give us a more effective NOC (Network Operations Centre) than ever before!

So really, lovely readers, this whole move is about better serving you.  Once we have unpacked, rearranged the plants and got the coffee machine up and running, feel free to drop in anytime for a chat, a demo, a nosey or just a great cup of coffee!