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Summer Is Here, Need A Cloud?

Now that summer has finally arrived, how many of you would relish the idea of working from home, perhaps there are some of you who would even like to work from the local park?  How about for those with kids, who would like to work from home through the summer holidays?

With Citrix solutions, provided by Gconnect, all of this and more is possible! As long as you have an internet connection and a compatible device (laptop, smart phone, tablet) you can have full access to your desktop, all its programs and files allowing you to work as though you are at your desk!

Being able to work from anywhere isn’t the only benefit of virtualised desktops.  Many companies are turning to hosted desktops not only as a way to mobilise workers, but as a way to reduce IT expenditure, save time and streamlining their operations.

No Upfront Expenditure

With hosted desktops, there is no need to purchase an expensive server.  Simply sign up, download the Citrix client and away you go!

Secure Your Information

All your important files and information are no longer stored on your local device, but housed on enterprise class, secure and reliable servers which stand behind our top level firewalls in a dedicated, UK based data centre, further protected by being backed up to a second secure location.  Should the worst happen and your device fails, is lost or stolen you need not worry about losing critical information.  Simply access a new device, log on and your desktop is right back with you.

Save Time & Money on IT

Companies can refocus their IT departments on more important tasks, or reduce the need for an in house department altogether, as once virtualised we take care of all routine maintenance, updates and issues.  Desktop support comes with the package, but for further peace of mind, those with time critical business needs can purchase our comprehensive support package for those times when extra support is required.

Fast Deployment & Flexible Terms

Need a new desktop quickly? Is your business expanding? With our solutions you can have a new desktop up and running in no time at all, again without having to outlay large upfront costs. With no long term contracts to sign into, you can plan for busier periods, seasonal staff fluctuations and more without worrying about being tied up for 12 months!


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BYOD Is On The Rise, Are You In?


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is on the increase, in particular amongst SMEs.  Essentially, BYOD is allowing employees to use their own devices for business use from synching a mobile to the company’s systems, to bringing in their own device and using it in their day to day work, connecting to the company’s network and storing company data on the device.

Aside from the cost saving implications for businesses, studies have found that allowing BYOD can increase employee confidence in device usage, also increasing employee productivity and overall satisfaction in the workplace.

The downside to BYOD comes in the form of security.  Few companies are aware of the risks involved in allowing an employee to connect their personal device to a network, and fewer still have a BYOD policy in place.  Allowing BYOD means allowing company data to be stored on a non-company owned device, which means data is only as secure as the measures in place on that device.  There is also the increased risk of virus infection, particularly when allowing devices to be connected to the company network.

Balancing the need between employee productivity and security is the difficulty most organisations face when using BYOD.  Risks can be mitigated by using applications delivered from a hosted Citrix platform to employee devices, as the data is stored centrally and strong policies can be implemented as to how and where the data is accessed.  Mobile Device Management (MDM) software also allows service providers to manage the delivery of applications and content to BYOD devices securely.  These measures significantly reduce the dangers of data being lost or compromised, decreasing the physical movement of the data itself, and preventing other users of the device accessing this information.  There is also lower risk of data breach should the device be lost or stolen.  Having a clear, well defined BYOD policy in place covering security measures will further increase successful and secure adaption of BYOD.

With the use of secure hosted technologies and implementation of a comprehensive BYOD policy, there are few reasons BYOD would be anything other than a positive step for many businesses.

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Managed Services Update




We’re starting on our new marketing campaign this week and the subject matter is our 3 core managed service offerings:

Its all go with website updates, new printed literature and technical specs and PDF data sheets brought up to date. The products themselves are not something new for Gconnect but its nice to have it formalised. Our management services utilise our many years of industry experience, ITIL compliant support system, vendor accreditations and certified engineers to provide a reliable, polished experience. So if you need some help with managing those non-mainstream applications and operating systems, let us know!

Citrix XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2 released

The release of XenApp 6.5 Feature Pack 2 brings a host of enhancements to existing XenApp 6.5 deployments. One notable feature is local application integration. Current versions of XenApp are unable to interact with locally installed applications. This has prevented some of our customers moving to a hosted desktop solution due to licensing restrictions. Local application integration addresses this by allowing applications installed on the local computer to be accessed from within the hosted desktop environment.

Other features include:

  • Clientless Receiver experience renders apps and desktops in a browser
  • Accelerated application P2V migration with AppDNA
  • Support for Microsoft® Lync® 2010

Further information can be found here: